birds and baking

There are a few things that I cannot stop thinking about.

And the first is this:

So, I spend a lot of my time watching birds, thinking about birds, listening to birds…and in my down time, I like to learn about them too. Which is why, on a Friday night, you can catch me watching “The Life of Birds” documentary produced by BBC. I know. I’m totally living it up. My life is just so super ca-ra-zay. 

A couple of weeks ago, Jason and I were watching an episode about how different types of birds store their food. And wouldn’t you know they showed a woodpecker pecking holes in a giant tree and stuffing acorns in them. Maybe I’m just a huge dork, but this blew my mind away. I sat there in awe of these hard-working birds…going “Oh my gosh! Can you believe that?! Do you believe that?!!”

You know what is so great about these birds? This is a 24 hour job for them. Not only do they have to peck the holes to get the acorn in (that’s what she said?) but they also have to constantly manage their acorns. As the acorns stay in the holes for a few days, they begin to shrink and become too small for that particular hole and have to be moved to a better-fitting hole. These woodpeckers have to go all around the tree constantly checking and replacing acorns that no longer fit into the holes. I applaud them. If I had to do this, I would starve to death. My acorns don’t fit? Oh well. Guess I’ll just die.

I also learned more about the hummingbird species (I can just feel you leaving my blog right about now! 🙂 Those poor birds have such a tough life. I never knew how hard their lives are. They have to pretty much eat all day when preparing to go south for the winter. If they don’t get enough to eat, they perish over the ocean. Because their journey is 500 miles over nothing but the ocean. I’d call that a non-stop flight (harharhar).

Enough about birds.

Jason and I have a serious problem.

It began a few months ago. Jason and I had just finished up dinner and I was rummaging in the cabinet for the dark chocolate bar I usually keep to satisfy my sweet tooth after meals (I have a major sweet-tooth). It was gone. Nothing sweet to eat. That will just not do.

So I cracked open my cookbooks and looked for a simple cookie or pie recipe to suffice until I could get to the store again.

Yeah…I haven’t had a dark chocolate bar for dessert in months. 

We are now in a full-blown homemade dessert obsession and my three vegan dessert books are not helping. I’m making about two desserts for us a week. I have to say that it is fun learning how to make vegan toffee pudding with just a few ingredients, but it’s become an addiction!

Here is a list of all the desserts we’ve had in the past 3 or so months:

  • Banaoffee Pie (a mix of toffee pudding, coconut cream fluff topping, bananas, and graham cracker)
  • Banana Chocolate Chip Bread x3 (also eaten for breakfast, snack, and dessert..this lasts about 2 days in our house). We’re sad. We know.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Cowgirl Cookies
  • Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Fig Hand Pies (eh)
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Health Cookies (we love chocolate)
  • Lazy Samoas (Er.meh.gerd. Out of this world)
  • Lightened Up Snickers Pie
  • Double Chocolate Coffee Cake

Help us.

I just can’t. stop. baking.

And I have my last dress fitting in two weeks. But homemade desserts are just so much better than store bought. I don’t care what anyone says. I can totally tastes the love when someone gives me a batch of cookies.

I have a pie crust sitting on the counter right now. It’s about to be filled with chocolate pudding, strawberries and coconut whip cream.

Yes, we have a serious problem…



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