Crossfit Challenge- Day 3…Wedding Stress Workout

Today was pretty good…I’m so exhausted and really did not want to get out of bed when my alarm went off at 6 a.m. I made the trek to school and was given a pop quiz in Chemistry. I think I did OK on it! I’m starting to understand the reactions and mechanisms that we’re doing, but last exam I was at a complete loss. My professor covers 3 chapters in the span of four classes. He’s a bit ridiculous in that aspect…but oh well! This is semester is almost over and then I can have a week to relax on the honeymoon 🙂

I also had a Bio exam today, and I think that went pretty well too. Hoping for a good grade! 

Changing gears…

I’m getting married in less than four weeks. I have a mile-long to-do list for the wedding, things are starting to go wrong…people in the wedding are cancelling, I can’t find my sheet of payment due dates, and there are just so many small things that need to be done…nevermind the fact that, as of right now, my dress doesn’t fit. 

Whew. It’s stressful…Jason and I are ready for this to be over with. Sometimes it seems so silly to me. To spend a year and a half planning a big party that will only last a day. To pay attention to all these details that won’t matter later on, but I guess it will be worth it on the actual day. 

So despite my exhaustion and soreness, I had enough frustration to pound through todays WOD:

Warm-up: WOD movements, then with your bar only 2 rounds of:

  • 20 DU
  • 10 Push press
  • 20 DU
  • 10 SDHP


2 Rounds of:

  • Broad jump burpees, 60ft
  • 30 Push press, 95/65lbs
  • Broad jump burpees, 60ft
  • 30 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

After bash: max pull-ups in 2 minutes

Here are my modifications:


  • 40 “jump ropes” a la Jillian Michaels 30-Day-Shred (couldn’t find a jump rope at the gym!)
  • 10 push press (40 lbs.)
  • 40 “jump ropes”
  • 10 SDHP (sumo-deadlift high pulls, 40 lbs.)

WOD (repeated twice):

  • Since there wasn’t a number given, 30 burpees
  • 30 push-press (40 lbs. first round, 30 the second)
  • 30 SDHP (40 lbs. first round, 30 the second)
  • Pull-ups were done on the assisted pull-up machine with 50 lbs. I was lifting 70 lbs. of my body weight. 20 completed in 2 minutes (hoping to improve this by the end of the three weeks!)
  • Crunches

My legs are so sore. It feels weird going into the gym and not spending at least in hour in there. After the first WOD, I was sweating bullets. These workouts are tough, so exhausting. My whole body was shaking! I can’t imagine using the 65 lbs. initially set…insanity. I was so glad to be done with the workout once it was over…

Challenging myself physically really teaches me a lot about myself…Like when I ran a marathon and had terrible knee pain on mile 8, I cried, limped to the side and texted Jason…but I never stopped. 

Jason said that when I sent him texts about the pain, my mom (who was with him) was wondering if I’d quit..Jason says he responded “She’d never quit.”

I was thinking about that today during the second round of this workout. I definitely got slower, my muscles ached, my arms were shaky, but it never crossed my mind to quit. If I’ve learned anything about myself it’s this:

I’m not a quitter, just a reducer.  

If the ache is too much for me, the speed too fast, I’ll slow down or lift lighter…but I never quit. 

I also learned that heavy workouts become mental for me. I know my body can do it, but I have to make myself push through that barrier..I think it’s this way for a lot of people. Despite the exhaustion, I’m glad that I went. I’m hoping to really get some rest tonight..maybe sleep in a little later now that my exam is out of the way 🙂


Breakfast: 3 med. whole wheat blueberry muffins with pb and syrup. OJ and hot tea

Snack: dill Triscuits (my fav!)

Lunch: (kind of random) green smoothie, last of the stir-fry, handful of almonds, chocolate square

Dinner: leftover vegan mac n cheese, broccoli, and snacked on grape tomatoes, chocolate for dessert

I’m feeling snacky so I may raid the cabinet later. 

Tonight is my laid back night 🙂 I wanted to paint my toe-nails but I’m too tired, hehe. Just waiting on Jason to come home so we can watch Friends on Netflix! 

I’ll leave you with Marley’s favorite thing to watch:



That’s my kind of dog 🙂

See ya! 




Crossfit Challenge- Day 2

I’m so tired. Today was so busy and I have a huge Bio exam tomorrow. I woke up with sore back muscles from yesterdays workout, but that’s OK 🙂 My legs are a bit stiff too, I must remember to stretch and massage after these exercises, I’m really bad about that!

Here is today’s WOD:


8 rounds of:

  • Run 400 meters
  • Rest 90 seconds

That’s it! This is a total of 2 miles, so I went to the greenway with a friend and sprinted it out, going full speed for the 1/4 mile and then resting. We also did some ab exercises on the bench after the run. And later on in the afternoon I took Marley to the park and walked a mile. That dog never tires!

I’ve felt so tired today. I hardly slept last night and I had to be at school at 8 for chem lab. But it’s the last day, so yay! I finished all of the experiments and am hoping for an A. I really enjoy chemistry lab, I think I learn more in there than in the actual lecture. Today was a bit scary though because we were working with nitric acid (highly reactive).

So I’m working under the hood, and my TA is standing over me saying “Be careful, easy now..slowly, slowly..easy does it”. Give a sista some room! I turn around to look at him and the cap on the separatory funnel comes loose sending nitric acid down my hand! I quickly ran to the sink to wash it off, but it started burning right before I got it under the water.

That’s a lot of chem excitement for one day 🙂


Breakfast: multi-grain cheerios with almond milk, OJ, hot tea

Snack: dried apricots, almonds, iced decaf Americano with soy milk

Lunch: leftover stir fry, sour apple blowpop

Snack: blueberry toast with pb

Dinner: vegan mac n’ cheese (x2) with broccoli, dark chocolate square for dessert

I’m so tired…I’m hoping for an awesome sleep tonight!

I leave you with some awesome C.S. Lewis quotes, see you tomorrow!



thank God

C.S. Lewis Quote

C.S. Lewis quote

"How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand..." <3 ~ Psalm 139:16-17

3 Week Crossfit Challenge- Day 1

I can’t fit into my wedding dress. I saw this coming though. That’s why I left it in alterations two weeks past the date that I was supposed to pick it up…deep down I knew the stupid thing wouldn’t zip.

And Jason would argue that I’m more muscular then I was three months ago when I had my first fitting, but I know what it really is. The cookies. The banana bread that I eat for every meal/snack of the day…Arg! Why must I be cursed with this sweet tooth?! It’s my fault really,  I’ve let it just take over my mouth. Like it’s in charge. I used to be satisfied with one dark chocolate square after dinner, but know I want the whole darn bar. Someone help me.

Anywho, I was thinking of my workout plan for the week yesterday when an idea struck me.

  1. I’m getting tired of my usual 3 days cardio, 2 days weight-lifting schedule
  2. I need actual measurements and numbers to achieve to really get my butt into gear
  3. I stalk all of my Facebook friends that Crossfit and seriously long for that type of workout.

I. love. challenge. I thrive in challenge. The worst thing someone can tell me is that I can’t do something…just watch me! 🙂

As I was thinking over all of these factors, I thought: “Why not do Crossfit? It’s not like their workouts are a secret, they post them on their website daily!”

Um, great idea, self! And so I am 🙂 For the next three weeks, I will be doing the (Charlotte) Crossfit WOD’s (workout-of-the-day) with one day of rest. Of course, being at my gym and not theirs, I will have to modify, but I will record that in my daily record.

I plan on blogging every day, not only the workouts but the things I’m eating and how I’m feeling. I will also keep track of my measurements and weight. At the end of the three weeks, I hope to have lost the 3-5 lbs. I need to lose to fit back into my dress (comfortably!).

I also created a fitness test before starting this so I will have some way to test strength/speed at the end of the 3 weeks. Here are my starting-out numbers:

Fitness Test (1min)

400m run





2 min 37 sec




Beginning weight and measurements:






35.5 inches

31.5 inches

39 inches

And a before pic just for comparison later on:



Going into the Crossfit workout, it seemed very short to me and I initially planned on doing more cardio after the exercises. Um, yeah right! Today, I realized they are short for a reason. Oh my word, it was tough. Here is the WOD:



It was kind of a hassle to do this at the gym. I kept having to walk to the different areas for each exercise, and 2/5 times, there wasn’t a squat machine available so I had to modify. I tried to keep it as close to the WOD as possible. Here is what I ended up doing, modifications and all:

5 rounds of time of:

  • 15 Back squats (3 of those completed with 90 pounds on squat machine…the other two times completed with 90 lbs. on seated leg press)
  • 15 Hanging leg raises
  • 15 Kettleball swings, using 10 lbs. the first time to make sure I could lift it..then 15 lbs. the other 4 turns.
  • 2 mile speed work- alternating between sprinting and comfortable pace every 1/4 mile. Completed in 19 min 55 sec.
  • 4 minute plank hold, 20 second rest between each minute

I spoke with my Crossfit friend and she said the workouts are typically completed in 15-20 minutes. I completed the workout (minus the two mile run, which I accidentally had written down from another WOD!) in 23 minutes and 54 seconds.

I hope my time improves as I continue on! I can’t believe how hard the kettleballs were. The first round didn’t feel hard at all, I was actually thinking of increasing the weight. The second round is when it started to burn. I walked as fast as I could to the other areas and used that as my “rest” period. This workout was awesome though! I’m proud of myself for finishing the swings on the fifth round, by then I was so exhausted! And and I squatted 90 pounds today! That’s so awesome! My usual squat weight is 45-50! I’m so proud 🙂



Green smoothie (spinach, almond milk, banana, vanilla extract, ice, 2 tbsp. pb)


Handful of almonds, two dried apricots, more almonds during Bio


Leftover baked beans, leftover veggies and dip, dark chocolate square


Stir Fry! (mushrooms, zucchini, squash, asparagus, brown rice, soy sauce, kidney beans, other seasonings…) Dark chocolate square to top it off 🙂



I’m stuffed, super tired, and feel like I may be extremely sore tomorrow or the next day, but I love it. It felt so good to do something different and to have other workout motivation factors today. I went into that gym with a mission, by golly! Mission accomplished 😀

Here’s to tomorrow! 



i-should-be-studying musings

  • I’m sleepy. Darn those high fat desserts I had at the school cafeteria today. Which brings me to my awkward moment of the week (and it’s only Tuesday): That awkward moment when you are sitting at a huge table by yourself with a large plate of desserts in front of you and a school tour group comes by and stops right by your table. And the newbies are all looking at you like “Awww, what a pity. This girl is eating all that chocolate because she’s so alone.” And you’re all “It’s OK. I like to eat chocolate by myself…” Yeah, that’s awesome.
  • I need new yoga pants. I’m down to one pair now that I’ve spilled hot peanut oil on them this morning. Just…don’t ask.
  • The guy in front of me is picking his nose and then typing on the keyboard. Ewwwww!
  • I wish 3:30 would hurry up. I bet my teacher isn’t even doing anything right now. Office hours are stupid. 
  • Still feeling awesome from the 1,600 salvations we had at church this past weekend! I love how we celebrate with a dance party 🙂 One of the best days of my life, for sure.
  • Marley had better not be chewing up my slippers.
  • I’m sleepy. I wonder if it would be weird just to lay my head down in the computer lab and sleep for a bit? Yes, probably. 
  • 5 more weeks until I get married. Meaning- it’s almost hyperventilate-into-a-paper-bag time…but not quite yet. 
  • Chemistry book is desperately calling. Time to answer it..