i-should-be-studying musings

  • I’m sleepy. Darn those high fat desserts I had at the school cafeteria today. Which brings me to my awkward moment of the week (and it’s only Tuesday): That awkward moment when you are sitting at a huge table by yourself with a large plate of desserts in front of you and a school tour group comes by and stops right by your table. And the newbies are all looking at you like “Awww, what a pity. This girl is eating all that chocolate because she’s so alone.” And you’re all “It’s OK. I like to eat chocolate by myself…” Yeah, that’s awesome.
  • I need new yoga pants. I’m down to one pair now that I’ve spilled hot peanut oil on them this morning. Just…don’t ask.
  • The guy in front of me is picking his nose and then typing on the keyboard. Ewwwww!
  • I wish 3:30 would hurry up. I bet my teacher isn’t even doing anything right now. Office hours are stupid. 
  • Still feeling awesome from the 1,600 salvations we had at church this past weekend! I love how we celebrate with a dance party 🙂 One of the best days of my life, for sure.
  • Marley had better not be chewing up my slippers.
  • I’m sleepy. I wonder if it would be weird just to lay my head down in the computer lab and sleep for a bit? Yes, probably. 
  • 5 more weeks until I get married. Meaning- it’s almost hyperventilate-into-a-paper-bag time…but not quite yet. 
  • Chemistry book is desperately calling. Time to answer it..



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