Hi! I’m Stacey


Thanks for checking out my blog (smiley face!).

A few things you should know about me:

  1.  I have a huge, extra large, GINORMOUS heart for animals. All animals.
  2. I’m currently in school for Biology.
  3. I should probably be studying right now.
  4. I like vegan food, though will sometimes dabble in vegetarian.
  5. I’m the soon-to-be wife to a great, wonderful man.
  6. I love the Lord.
  7. Bird-watching is my favorite relaxation activity.
  8. Folk music makes me happy.
  9. Hot tea is my all-time favorite thing to drink.
  10. Writing helps me keep my sanity.

I like to write. I’ve kept a journal of some sort since I was 7 years old. I used to have a blog, but got tired of managing it after 3 years, so I just stopped. And now I’m back. With more thoughts, less pictures, and hopefully more truth about my life and the things I’m thinking.

Welcome 🙂

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